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VCFB 2020 poster


Welcome on the wiki of the VCFB 2020, which will take place on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of October 2020 as a live event. This year, participants from all over Germany and other countries will present various aspects of 'Vintage Computing' in virtual exhibitions, talks and workshops. Items exhibited include everything from typical retro-computers to historical operating systems, programming languages, network technology, calculators and calculating machines. Most of the exhibited artifacts are in working condition. Owing to the virtual nature of this year's VCFB it is also possible to exhibit devices which, due to their size and fragility, could not be transported to another physical location.

This year, all exhibitions, talks and workshops will use video conference rooms of our BigBlueButton system. No programs have to be installed, only a web browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone is required to take part as an exhibitor or guest. Like in previous years, the talks will be streamed and will be available as recordings afterwards. After every talk, the presenters will be available in their video conference rooms for Q&A sessions. Exhibits will be shown on this Wiki as well as in individual BigBlueButton rooms where their owners can demonstrate their exhibit in more detail and chat with their visitors.

Admission is free. To visit the event no registration is required.

Opening Hours

Saturday, 10th of October 10:00–20:00 Exhibitions
10:15–19:45 Presentations and Workshops (Stream)
10:00–11:00 Game Room
14:00–15:00 Game Room
16:00–18:00 Game Room
20:00–24:00 Musical Educational Event
Sunday, 11th of October 10:00–20:00 Exhibitions
10:00–11:00 Game Room
10:30–20:00 Presentations and Workshops (Stream)

The exhibitors decide for themselves how and when they present their virtual exhibition desks in their video conference rooms. The times can be found on the detail pages of the exhibitions.


In addition to dozens of exhibitions, presentations and workshops, the programme has even more to offer:

  • Special Exhibition "Collecting Computers as a Hobby": Technology is outdating fast and old technology is therefore accumulating quickly. Such collections of technology are most often found in basements, in attics, in cupboards – far away from public access. We use this year's virtualization of the festival to grant insights in private technospheres and maybe allow some computer-historic artefacts that used to just be an "aggregation of outdated computers" to be perceived as part of private conservation efforts and connect collectors among each other.
  • Virtual Game Room: The Game Room of the VCFB 2020 is relocated to the Internet. We use this circumstance to ask the question of virtualization of computer game history and give a practical answer. After ca. 30 minutes of an introductory video in which original game systems are presented in the "Signallabor" of the HU Berlin department of media science, visitors have the option to play these games in their web browser.
  • Musical Educational Event: In a scientific introduction Dr. Dr. Stefan Höltgen talks about chiptunes and the technologies behind them. Afterwards DJ Thunder.Bird plays some examples for danceable compositions on two C64s.
  • Audience Award: Visitors can vote for their favorite exhibition. The best exhibition will win the Audience Award.


If you want to help with preparations or running the virtual event as a volunteer, send an email to and subscribe to our volunteer mailing list.

Information for Participants

Once your registration has been accepted you will get an account for this wiki. You can then create one or more pages about your exhibition, talk or workshop. Further information for participants can be found here.


The design of the VCFB 2020 as a poster or banner is available for download in different versions and resolutions here.


With questions, problems or for general chit-chat you can reach us at the virtual infodesk.

IRC: libera/#vc-de
Twitter: @vcfberlin

You can find further information on past events and more on our website.

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