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Information for Participants

General Concept

Like at a normal VCFB we will have talks, exhibition desks and workshops, which will all take place in video conference rooms.

Talks will be streamed and recorded and will thus also be available after the event. As for any such format, good preparation is required. Also one has to spend some thought on how the talk can be presented in the virtual world in a video conference session. The talk can be per-recorded or can be held live during the event (preferred). A Q&A session will be held at the end of the talk in a video conference room for similar interactivity as during a physical event. We will of course gladly support you during the preparation and while you hold the talk. A time slot will be assigned as usual for talks and workshops.

Exhibitions and workshops on the other hand are real live-events, will not be recorded and are thus very similar to a workshop or exhibit at a physical event. A page on this Wiki replaces the bulletin board at an exhibition table of a physical event so you can present an overview of your objects there as an invitation of visitors to join you at your virtual table. Here's an example.

The exhibitor desk will be mapped in the virtual world to a BigBlueButton video conference room. This is where the interaction with your visitors will take place and where you can demonstrate your exhibit in action. As the room is not recorded there is no need for a complex setup. Nevertheless, there is no limit to your personal creativity.

You decide on your own at which times you are present at your virtual desk. To find the right format you can already experiment with your personal BBB room well ahead of the Festival. We will gladly support you to fo find the right format. The following video (in German) gives a short demonstration how one can demonstrate an exhibit with very little effort. In this example only a PC and a smartphone that acts as an additional camera is used. No software installation is required on any device!

Accounts for the Wiki and the Video Conference Server

Once your registration has been accepted we will create an account for you for this Wiki and and for the VCFB BBB Video Server. You can then create one or more pages for your exhibition, your talk or your workshop and experiment with your BBB server room.


Registration is now open on our web page

Further Questions

For any other questions, please get in touch with us via

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