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Game Room

Hands-on Computer Game History

The Game Room in the Museum of Technology 2018
The Game Room in the Museum of Technology 2018

Volley For Two – A brand new game for the Commodore 128

Saturday, 10th of October, 10:00–11:00
Saturday, 10th of October, 14:00–15:00
Sunday, 11th of October, 10:00–11:00
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Volley For Two is an action packed physics based volleyball game for the Commodore 128. It is a two player game inspired by the old DOS game Arcade Volleyball from 1987. Join this session to see the game and talk to one of the developers, Jonas Hultén, who programmed the game in 2019-2020.

Jonas Hultén, No. 13

Are Emulations the Real Deal? Practical Evaluation of Virtualization of Computer Game History

Saturday, 10th of October, 16:00 - 18:00
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The Game Room of the VCFB 2020 is relocated to the Internet. We use this circumstance to ask the question of virtualization of computer game history and give a practical answer. After ca. 30 minutes of an introductory video in which original game systems are presented in the "Signallabor" of the department of media science, visitors have the option to play these games in their web browser. The software emulators used for this purpose can do both more and less than the original systems: They can pause games, change execution speeds, and run games that exceed the original system's memory budget. On the other side there is game hardware abstracted in software, which not only moves the original game controller to the PC's keyboard, but also brings changes in graphics and sound quality: High resolution images, which suppress graphical effects like colour blur, flickering and lagging, and digitizes analog sound parts. Systems, like the Vectrex or the game "Asteroids", which in the original use a vector monitor, look quite different. The Game Room wants to point out this year the necessity of conserving original game hardware as a foundation of authentic computer game experience.

Concept, introduction, and game selection: Dr. Dr. Stefan Höltgen, No. 14

Here you can find links to ten historic games which you can play in an emulation in your browser. These games will be presented during the video introduction. The emulated games are part of the collection of the Internet Archive There you can find even more emulated systems and various games.


Publisher, year Psygnosis, 1991
Platform Commodore Amiga
Links game, instructions
Game controls with the mouse (see instructions)


Publisher, year Activision, 1982
Platform Atari VCS
Links game, instructions
Game controls run and climb: arrow keys
jump: CTRL key

Pac Man

Publisher, year Atarisoft, 1983
Platform Coleco Colecovision
Links game
Game controls game selection: numbers on the number pad
move: arrow keys


Publisher, year MBO, 1983
Platform MBO Vectrex
Links game, instructions
Game controls kick: ALT key
move ladder: CRTL key
run and climb: arrow keys
jump: SHIFT key


Publisher, year Sega, 1991
Platform Sega Genesis
Links game, instructions
Game controls start: 1
end: F3 key
pause: P
jump: CTRL or ALT
run: arrow left or right
run and jump: arrow left or right and CTRL or ALT


Publisher, year Joe Zbiciak (homebrew), 2000
Platform Mattel Intellivision
Link game, instructions
Game controls select level: 1-9
move block: arrow key left or right
drop block quickly: arrow key down
rotate block: space key

Ghosts 'n Goblins

Publisher, year Elite, 1985
Platform Commodore 64
Links game, instructions
Note Warning! Slow to load!
Game controls on the number pad:
start: 0
go left: 4
go right: 6
jump: 8
duck: 2
shoot: 0

Montezuma's Revenge

Publisher, year Parker Brothers, 1984
Platform Atari 800 XL
Links game, instructions
Game controls on the number pad:
up: 8
down: 2
left: 4
right: 6
jump: 0

Burger Time

Publisher, year Data East/Mattel, 1982
Platform Apple II/e
Links game, instructions
Game controls up: i
down: k
left: j
right: l
pepper: s


Publisher, year Elite Systems, 1986
Platform ZX Spectrum
Links game, instructions
Game controls can be redefined with the keyboard, press 0 after start
after start press any key except J to activate the keyboard control
start: 4 (single player) or 5 (two players)
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