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Musical Educational Event

Saturday, 10th of October from 20:00 live from the "Signallabor" of the HU Berlin

In a scientific introduction Dr. Dr. Stefan Höltgen talks about chiptunes and the technologies behind them. Afterwards DJ Thunder.Bird gives some examples:

DJ Thunder.Bird plays selected music alternatingly on two C64s, according to old DJ tradition. Instead of record plates the sound data is spinning in the Sound Interface Devices. Well-known old, and unknown new pieces will be played to establish a meeting of then and now on the musical level. There will be danceable compositions with ~125bpm and proper dynamics. Enriched by visual accessories and always watching the players, it is advised to watch the stream on a projector with a very good sound system.

Have fun with the SID sound mix live from the "Signallabor" of the HU media science department!

To the event

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