PDP-10 Games

Lars Brinkhoff

:!: Die Ausstellung fällt leider aus! :!:

First of all, I will need to confirm whether I can provide one or more video streams for this exhibit to work. And how to have visitors interact with the running software. AT THIS POINT NO SOLUTION HAS BEEN FOUND.

The intent would be to have several PDP-10 games on display, running on a PDP-10 emulator with the ITS operating system. Games under consideration: MacHack VI (Greenblatt's chess program), Maze (3D first-person shooter), Zork (text adventure game).

General Information

Hersteller Digital Equipment Corporation
Modellbezeichnung DECsystem-1050
Jahr der Vorstellung 1967
Land USA

Technical Information

Architektur PDP-10
RAM 768K x 36 bits
Grafik Vector display and bitmapped raster terminals
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