Update Computer Club Collection at Uppsala University

Update Computer Club / Datorföreningen Update

The Update Computer Club was founded in 1983 at Uppsala university in Uppsala, Sweden, to educate the public on the topic of computers and generate public interest in computers. The club is today housed by the IT department in approximately 150m^2 of space at ITC, Polacksbacken, Uppsala, including club room, computer room, and storage, but as the IT department will shortly be moving, Update will lose these rooms. We would like to give a tour of our colletion and our rooms before it is too late.

The collection includes a number of minicomputers, including two complete DECSYSTEM-2060 computers, several PDP-11 and VAX computers, some of which are operational and sometimes online, plus various other architectures including SPARC, Cray Y-MP, Alpha, DG Nova, PDP-8, Symbolics and Xerox LISP machines, and one of the few functioning PDP-12 computers in the world. There are also numerous microcomputers, both personal computers and workstations, including SPARCstations, DECstations, SGI Indy and O2, Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, ABC 80, Compis, MicroVAX and PDP-11 machines, Apple II, Macintosh, NeXT, and more.

We also collect documentation and software, including magnetic tapes, punched tapes, disk packs, floppies, etc.

The club operates a computer room with modern NetBSD and Linux servers for our members, as well as several vintage computers. There is a PDP-11/70 online on the internet using an implementation of TCP/IP written by one of our members, and we sometimes run our VAX 8650 also. Our PDP-12 is on display in the club room and occasionally demonstrated to visitors. Emulated DECSYSTEM-20 systems running TOPS-20 and ITS are also online.

At this time, the Update Computer Club has about 100 members, mostly present or former computer science students.

Virtual Exhibition Desk

To the virtual exhibition desk

Day Time
Saturday 15:00 - 17:00
Sunday 15:00 - 17:00

We'll try to do some demos at the exhibition desk.

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